Posted by HG on April 19, 2007


I’ve only been to Houston, Texas one time. It was for the 2004 MLB All-Star game and I was there on business. I didn’t really get a chance to experience Houston.. Still I had a great time. I met Drayton McLane, I chopped it up with Tracy McGrady at a party, and Barry Bonds turned down my interview request. I ate Chick-fil-A which is probably no big deal to you, but Chick-fil-A is the shit and there’s not one near where I live… And I met TS.

Whew she was bad… A 5’7″ brown-skinned(ded) dime. I met her at the party I mentioned a second ago. We got to hang-out one night, eating on the company’s coin(no trickery), and we finished up the night in my room “sippin on some drank”. One thing did not lead to the other, but it was cool. It wasn’t really about that. Dinner, drinks, and a nightcap plus a cool convo with a beautiful woman from a different city was good enough.. Nah I’m bullshittin’. I wanted to hit.

I don’t have any complaints about what I saw of Houston even though I know everybody there was on their best behavior while they tried to impress MLB and out of towners. The people were friendly, I don’t remember the weather (that could be considered a good thing), and Roger Clemens got slapped in the 1st inning of the All-Star game (6 runs). That’s what I remember about H-Town.

“HG, you’re stroking Houston pretty hard”… You call it stroking, I call it trying to be positive. I’m (we’re) gonna have to do a lot of stroking in order to help the Rockets win the title.

If you need proof that the power of positive thinking works, check out how people feel about the Utah/Houston, 4-5 match-up in round 1. So far so good. Let’s keep it up people.

Positivly thinking the Rockets to the title. From You Been Blinded

2007 NBA Playoff Brackets. From Ball Hype


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