Posted by HG on April 19, 2007


**HG’s note: I wasn’t planning to talk about Whitlock unless he did something or said something new. I found the song I had written about earlier so I had to drop this.**

When I found out that Jason Whitlock was working with “gangsta rappers” I labled him a hypocrite. He helped produce a Kansas City Chiefs theme song that’s performed by the type of people Jason says are ruining the black community. I talked about that here.

Now you can listen to the song. The lyrics aren’t overly gangsta, but if I was writing a Whitlockesque Hip Hop critique I could find fault with the language. I wasn’t expecting anything too hardcore since it’s for the Chiefs, and it’s dedicated to Derrick Thomas.

My only issue with any of this is that Whitlock has been so adamant about his disdain for Hip Hop yet he’s working with the 57th Street Rogue Dog Villians. Something tells me their cd is a little different from a Mos Def or Common cd. It was probably their MySpace page (where Whitlock is listed as a friend) that tipped me off.

I’m all for people being succesful. I’m not mad at Jason for being all over tv garnering national attention. I’m mad that he’s trying to put down Hip Hop in order to raise up his career. He must have forgotten about this:

When Jason Whitlock, a sportswriter for the Kansas City Star and sometimes sports reporter on ESPN commissioned 5150 to produce all the music for his radio show the opportunity allowed 5150 to reach a larger more mainstream audience and aided in its being recognized as a legitimate fixture in the rap hip/hop production much so that the team at 5150 was asked to create fight songs for the Kansas City Royals baseball team and the University of Missouri’s basketball team.


Whitlock, my brotha, just tell us what it is. Are you still rolling with the Villians? Do you condone their use of the “N” word? Do you use the “N” word when you’re hangin with them? Did you tell Oprah you’re an aspiring Hip Hop producer?

Dr. J courtesy of You Been Blinded

Somebody else on Whitlock’s bumper. Courtesy of Chiefs Planet

Listen to “It’s On Now”. Courtesy of World Sentiment user KC2win

The quote in the middle of my post was taken from this dude’s MySpace.



2 Responses to “IT’S ON NOW”

  1. Hey leave big man alone. I’ll put up with his friggin’ two faces (and triple chins) b/c at least he’s trying to foucs on the broader b.s. out there in the hip hop community and it’s parasites, right? In WWII we allied with Stalin to beat Hitler and the Japanese. If that’s what it takes to get folks to wake the hell up, hey…

  2. brotherpeacemaker said

    This is the very phenomenon that keeps the black community so divided. If this tom was around during the height of the civil rights he’d blast Malcolm X and Martin for causing problems with black and white relations. The tom is a freakin’ sellout. He won’t say a damn thing about Imus but tears into any prominent black person who does.


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