Posted by HG on April 18, 2007

Koren Robinson has a new anklet. Thank you Seattle Times

Dwayne Jarrett is gonna have the Cabana Club crackin’ tonight. (3rd paragraph down) Thank you

Who’s the favorite to win NEXT year’s college hoop championship? Check the odds here. Thank you to via Gambling 911

Joe Frazier to box his daughter… In court. Thank you Delaware Online

Michael Jordan’s son checking out Valpo. Thank you NWI Times

10 things to root for instead of Barry Bonds. Thank you Tufts Daily

Joe Torre and A-Rod feel Barry Zito’s pain. Thank you San Mateo County Times via

USC’s Nick Young says no Mayo on mine. Thank you LA Times

Time is running out… If you haven’t checked out my “Can You Help A Brotha Out??” post, please do. I’m asking for everybody that goes to that post to leave a number from 1 to 16 in the comments section. IT DOESN’T MATTER if the number you leave is a repeat. You’re all kind of voting on something that will be revealed in a post tomorrow. One thing I don’t understand is that quite a few people have visited the post but only 20 people have left a number. To quote Mark Jackson, “You’re better than that”.


One Response to “FREE THROWS”

  1. new anklet…prettay funny

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