Posted by HG on April 18, 2007

Since 9-11 a lot of things have changed. We don’t travel the same, we don’t phone sex the same, and we don’t attend big events the same. The NFL instituted a pat down search policy at every stadium to do their part for the war on terror. The searches have have been challenged in court in San Francisco, Chicago, Seattle, and Tampa Bay. Tampa is the only “city” to have the rule abolished after season ticket holder Gordon Johnston took his case against the searches to court. Unfortunately for Johnston the Tampa Sports Authority isn’t letting the issue die.

The TSA went before a federal appeals court yesterday to have the pat downs reinstated, claiming “they provide an essential layer of security in an age of constant terrorism threats.” The judges seemed open to the argument. Senior Circuit Judge Peter T. Fay:

 “So there’s got to be an explosion at some stadium? What would it take?”

I don’t mean to sit on the fence, but I’m torn on the issue. I hate getting frisked, but I would hate to get shot or blown up even more. The OF (original filer) Gordon Johnston isn’t happy with the court:

It’s like a slippery slope. If I lose these rights, going to the games, then I’ll lose other rights.”

Tampa Sports Authority appeals ruling banning pat-downs at Bucs games. Courtesy of the AP via the Orlando Sentinel



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