Posted by HG on April 16, 2007

You’re probably sayin hey H, WHO the hell is Willy Aybar? so let me tell ya… He’s a back-up infielder for the Atlanta Braves. Besides having the distinction of hoping Chipper Jones willy-aybar.jpggets hurt, Aybar has become the first Atlanta Brave suspended since John Rocker… People should have goals..Goals are good. One of your goals should be “Never be the first ANYTHING since John Rocker”.. Don’t be the first the first racist since, don’t be the first Atlanta Brave since, hell, don’t be the first guy to walk into 7-11 since John Rocker.

With that being said, what makes Willy Aybar so special is that he was already on the dl (disabled list, not the down low.. I mean, he could be on the down low but for now I’m just talking about the disabled list) with a sore hand. He decided not to show up for treatment on Saturday or Sunday.. Not even a phone call. His presence on the team is certainly missed. Ask Chipper Jones:

I didn’t even know he was still on the team.”

Since Aybar has been mildly productive in the League, 60+ rbi the last 5 seasons and 10+ homers 4 of the last 5, Braves’ gm John Schuerholz isn’t sure if more actions will be taken.

I don’t think you can say that because the guy got suspended he’s not a good guy.”

I don’t know what kind of guy he is. I can’t find him to ask him.

Willy Aybar AWOL From Braves. Courtesy of The Atlanta Constitution Journal



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