Posted by HG on April 15, 2007

Steve Spurrier wants to help the Confederate Flag get off the pole. Courtesy of Larry Brown Sports

Michael Jordan is one of the most competitive people on the planet. Did you really think he would let Neil Diamond beat him at anything? Courtesy of the Washington Post

The (inconvenient) truth is, Mother Nature hates sports. Courtesy of the Ap by way of

David Wright’s 23 game hit streak postponed due to rain. Courtesy of Metro Canada

Leigh Steinberg arrested for DUI. Rumor has it Roger Goodell will take away his Blackberry for a year. Courtesy of The OC Register

Speaking of losing Blackberry privileges, Charles Taplin is gonna lose his for contacting LSU football players. Courtesy of the AP by way of The Town Talk

Tim Duncan get’s ejected for laughing. I was just as shocked by the ejection as I was at the fact that Tim Duncan can laugh. I didn’t think his model was programmed with emotions. Courtesy of Fan IQ

Purdue..The Cincinnati Bengals of college football. Courtesy of

If Eagles fans give Donovan McNabb a hard time, what would they have done with Akili Smith or Ricky Williams? Eagles offseason talk here. Courtesy of The Burlington County Times by way of

De La Hoya forces Mayweather to fight with bad gloves? Courtesy of The Grand Rapids Press by way of

And finally…. Props to everybody that has left a number in the Can You Help A Brotha Out?? post. I’m accepting your numbers up until midnight Pacific on Wednesday. It doesn’t matter if you repeat a number that somebody already posted. So, again, please click here  and leave any number from 1 to 16 in the comments.


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