Posted by HG on April 15, 2007


Jason does not despise Hip Hop, he said so himself  “I don’t hate hip hop. I hate what it has become. I hate what it has done to the minds and values of young people.”  See.. So that leaves the door open for him to start a career as a Hip Hop producer. The website states:

Some of the biggest names in KC rap gathered recently to record a new game day song for the Kansas City Chiefs. The Track, “It’s On Now ’07”, was created by Seven and produced by KC Star sports writer Jason Whitlock with the assistance of Strange Music headman Travis O’Guin.”

I’m assuming since J-Dub made the following comments about Hip Hop,

Prison culture swallowed hip-hop culture, turning party music into a celebration of violence, hostility, disrespect and drug-dealing. Prison culture created the Black KKK and negated much of the progress won by the civil-rights movement.

Prison culture is winning. It has corrupted a form of music that once gave us great joy and/or offered inspiration. Prison culture — with its BET and MTV videos, popular movies, acceptance in the mainstream media and false gods — Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Snoop Dogg — has perverted the American dream for black youth.

Hip-hop/prison culture must be destroyed and remade. In its present, N-word-reliant, violence-promoting form, nothing good can come from hip hop.

he wouldn’t have any rapper that could be considered a “hip hop hoodlum” on a track that he’s producing. Right?!? Let’s take a look..

Rich The Factor, author of such classics as Bitch, Drug Team, and Pull Dope out.

 Tech N9ne, the same Tech N9ne that Whitlock shouted out to lead off this column, has penned Civil Rights anthems My Wife, My Bitch, My GirlReal Killer…and Trapped In A Psycho’s Body.

I couldn’t find too much more information about the other guys on the track but I think this line from Tech N9ne’s hymn, Absolute Power, says it best..

we Kansas City players
and we bout sold game,
we make it so that Tech N9ne is a household name
How many points you got? I got 50
here’s a question to the censorship committee
who’s the biggest gangs of niggas in the city,
my villains are Gritty,
Big Scoob, Txx Will, Bakarii,
rest in peace Short Nitty

Yep..These are his readers.

Don’t get me wrong..I love Hip Hop..I need Hip Hop as much as I need sports. I’m not trying to bash the rappers for their lyrics. I’m not trying to blame rappers for every problem plaguing the black community… But Doctor J is.. I wonder if the suits at Disney told Ja-Lock that he could have his old job back, but first he REALLY has to prove that he won’t step out of line again.

Jason Whitlock produces KC Chiefs song via

Hip Hop is ruining the world, Jason Whitlock via AOL Sports

Tech N9ne interview via Murder Dog

Rich The Factor discography via Music Match



4 Responses to “DOCTOR J”

  1. TheHype said

    I can’t wait to hear Whitlocks’ other smash hit, “Pots n’ Kettles”! Yeah!

  2. HG said

    I like his cut “Salt to Sugar”

  3. I’m not going to jump to any conclusions here…but quite an interesting twist.

  4. […] * He’s makin’ music for the Kansas City Chiefs! […]

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