Posted by HG on April 13, 2007


Sports agent Gustavo “Gus” Dominguez was convicted of smuggling Cuban baseball players to the United States. The penalties include up to 5 years in jail for conspiracy to smuggle and up to 10 years in jail for each of 20 different smuggling convictions. So worst case scenario ol Gus risked 205 years in jail to transport 5 players 90 miles north to Florida.

A federal jury found him guilty of conspiracy to smuggle five ballplayers from Cuba to the Florida Keys. According to trial evidence, he then had the illegal immigrants transported to California, where they were harbored pending an expected windfall from lucrative future sports contracts. Evidence against Dominguez included $225,000 in payments to purported drug trafficker and Cuban smuggler Ysbel Medina.

Dominguez denied breaking the law at his trial.. Hmmm you don’t say.. There’s no mention of which teams were interested in the kidnapped exported players, but after a week and a half it looks like the Giants, Nationals, and Phillies could really use them. The Royals belong on that list too but they’re small market and all of there money is tied up here.

When I hear the term “smuggling cubans” I automatically think stogies. Gustavo should have been thinking the same thing. While you won’t neccesarily get off lightly for smuggling a large quantity of cigars, fines and the possibility of jail time trumps 205 years in lock up.

Sports agent convicted of smuggling Cubans swacked from Guardian Unlimited



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