Posted by HG on April 13, 2007

illegal-touching.gifThe NFL owners voted in favor of some game rule changes and some coaching employment rule  changes at the NFL Annual Meeting in March. The annoying illegal touching penalty is going the way of the natural breast.

“The penalty of unintentional touching of a forward pass by an interior lineman has been eliminated, because it was deemed that no advantage was being attained by the offense on this type of play.

I’ve always thought that was one of the most stupid rules in football. The quarterback is usually under a lot of pressure that leads to an errant throw hitting a lineman in the ass whenever a flag is thrown for this infraction. The call always seem to come against the Raiders an inferior road team. It was the refs way of piling on a struggling offense. I say good riddance. A few more of the new rules:

  • Instant Replay is now permanent.
  • Down by contact is permanently reviewable.
  • Spiking or throwing the ball after a down has ended is now a five yard penalty. Touchdowns not included.

Here’s the rest of the game and coaching rules via The Seattle PI



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