Posted by HG on April 11, 2007


Now that the COLLIN FINNERTY, DAVE EVANS, and READE SELIGMANN have been cleared of all charges associated with the Duke Lacrosse Scandal I’m sure that the trio will never hear about the case again or have their pictures displayed on television or the Internet. Hopefully District Attorney Mike Nifong will be dealt with appropriately since he was clearly trying to boost his career by going after the Duke Lax team. Talk about a dude that can’t win. When the investigation began Nifong was taking heat for dragging his heels because the players were white. Now he faces possible disbarment because he failed to turn over potentially exculpatory evidence, possibly lied to the court and bar investigators, and pretty much ran the names of Finnerty, Evans, and Seligmann through the mud.

Here’s a video of everything that DID NOT take place in Durham:

As for the the accuser in the case,crystal-mangum-2.jpgCrystal Gail Mangum, Rush Limbaugh already made comments about her, but what do you think Don Imus would of said if he was on the air next week? This chick lied about being raped (even her girl said she was probably lying), changed her story a couple of times, racially divided a city, and had a baby 9 months after making the accusations. To top it off, nobody can find her

The problem is, there’s real racism in the United States and we don’t need people crying wolf because it weakens every claim of racism that follows. As an African-American from the south that has experienced real racism it stings every-time somebody plays the race card fraudulently. If the Dukies were treating her like crap and making racial slurs towards her and the other “dancer”, that sucks. It’s deplorable, but it doesn’t justify lying about being raped. We as a country become entangled in another Tawana Bradley situation that has no winners and a bunch of losers.

It’s gonna be interesting to see how Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton respond to the latest developments in this case. Or lack of case. When this story was first taking place Jackson said the Rainbow/Push Organization would pay for the accuser’s tuition even if she was lying. Jesse’s justification was that the organization wanted to make sure that the divorced mother of two would never “have to stoop that low to survive“. The only comment I’ve seen from JJ so far is  “We just hope this traumatic experience for all involved ends with the minimum amount of damage.” I hope for the sake of Jackson’s and Sharpton’s credibility they make better statements than that, and they apologize for comments that they made about the case when they believed the situation to be different. If we’re gonna take Imus and Michael Richards to the mat for things that they did or said, we have to apologize to people that we falsely accused.

3 Duke lacrosse players cleared in rape case courtesy of Reuters

Things That Didn’t Happen In Durham video courtesy of HamNation



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