Posted by HG on April 11, 2007

If you’re supposed to look at the positives in a negative situation the Memphis Grizzlies have plenty to be happy about. Yes they got beat 112-100 by the Sacramento Kings. Yes lottery-balls.jpgthey’ve now lost 60 games, but Memphis has earned the right to the most ping pong balls in the 2007 NBA draft lottery.

Having the best chance at the number one pick doesn’t guarantee that it will happen (No Duncan for Boston), but the “Grizzles” gotta like where they’re sitting. Going in to the off season (which will start after 3 more games) Memphis has some questions to answer: 1) Who’s gonna coach the team? 2) Do they trade Pau Gasol? 3) If they get the #1 pick who do they take?  I look at it like this, I don’t know who they’re gonna get to coach the team but I’m pretty damn sure it’s gonna be somebody more experienced than Tony Barone. Questions two and three go hand in hand. Memphis has 6 guys that are listed at 6’9″ or taller that play anywhere from guard to center. If they keep Gasol and draft Oden they’re looking at a potential starting line-up of Oden, Gasol, Mike Miller, Rudy Gay, and Chucky AtkinsDamon Stoudamire a point guard to be named later. If the Grizz chose to play Pau at the center position I guess they would draft Durant and then deal with trying to figure out where to play Durant, Miller, Gay, Warrick etc. If Memphis were to trade Gasol, to say….Chicago for Ben Gordon and Luol Deng, they could draft Oden, play Warrick at the 4 and Gay at the 2, have Deng at the small forward spot, still figure out what to do at the point position, and bring Mike Miller off the bench as the solid sixth man. So many scenarios. Of course, none of this will matter when the Seattle Supersonics surprise everybody by winning the number one pick.



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