Posted by HG on April 10, 2007


 Johnson Wong, pictured here, was fired from his flag football coaching position following his arrest during a sex sting. Wong showed up at a house hoping to hook up with the “teenaged girl” he had met on the internet. As it turns out he only met the police.

A couple of things… First, JOHNSON WONG!!?? Are you joking? His parents should be arrested for being dicks. Literally. With a name like that he had two career choices.. Porn star or pedophile. Unfortunately he chose the latter. Second, do any of these numb nut wannabe child molesters have a fucking television? Who the hell hasn’t seen To Catch A Predator with Chris Hansen? I guess if you’re online trying to pick up on underage boys and girls you’re not watching too much tv.

A couple of weeks ago I was thinking that Chris Hansen and his To Catch A Predator chris-hansen.jpgseries should be called in to help the NCAA. In the span of a couple of days, Danny Ainge was fined for getting too close to Kevin Durant’s family, Michael Jordan was fined for making comments about Kevin Durant, and the Golden St. Warriors were fined for comments made by coach Don Nelson about Kevin Durant and Greg Oden. 

I think Chris Hansen and his team should go online posing as college basketball stars. They should say all of the things that a 18 or 19 year old college player would say. “I’d love to play for your team”, “I’ll show you my vertical if you show me yours”,  or “I just love banging hard in the paint”. Then the decoy could set-up a meeting with the horny gm. How funny would it be to see Billy King or Kevin McHale walking into a dark gym with a paper bag filled with contracts, tennis shoes, and white girls only to have Chris Hansen walk out and say “I’m Chris Hansen from Dateline NBC, what are you doing here?” Then the scared and embarrassed general manager would say things like “I swear I’ve never done anything like this before”, “I was only here to protect him from the dangers of the internet”, or my favorite “I was just coming here to talk”. The sad thing is that even after half of the gm’s in the league got busted on national television, Billy Knight or Isiah Thomas would still wander into a dark gym hoping to molest I mean seduce I mean sign the latest phenom.

Full Wong story here

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5 Responses to “WONG PLACE, WONG TIME”

  1. Derek said

    I am not saying it is but in this post ” Imus ” bullshit couldn’t the title of this post be considered ” racist “

  2. HG said

    Nowadays anything can be considered racist but I don’t know if a play on words with somebody’s name is or not. If I get enough complaints, I will suspend myself for 2 weeks, make my sponsors stop supporting me, and eventually start blogging via satellite.

  3. Derek said

    Nice lol

  4. Ali said

    I feel like your article was extremely harsh and rude. Yes what he did was stupid and wrong but you had no right to talk about his parents and the name they gave him.

    When Asian people come straight fromt heir home countries, they are unfamiliar with the names and usage of Anglo-Saxon names but they try to give their children (first generation Americans) and name that, to them, sounds American or normal.

    Shame on you to be an insensitive dick

  5. HG said

    So Ali, to be clear.. name calling is wrong unless it’s done by you to respond to somebody else’s alleged name calling. gotcha..
    would love your views on some of my other posts.

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