Posted by HG on April 10, 2007

adam1.jpgCharlotte Bobcat rookie Adam Morrison has been relieved of a few bucks (25k to be exact) for an obscene gesture he made towards a fan in Miami on Sunday. Morrison became fed up after the fan called him white trash “one too many times”.  $25,000 is a lot for flipping the bird but I guess the league feels justified because Morrison had another problem with hecklers in Indiana. Soon to be former Bobcats coach Bernie Bickerstaff said Adam needs to learn to ignore the fans:

“Adam has those sonar ears, like a bat. That’s one of those things a rookie has to learn to ignore.”

Funny how Bickerstaff forgot to mention Morrison’s porn ‘stache, serial killer demeanor, and tendency to cry after big losses.

Full Story Here courtesy of the Charlotte Observer

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