Posted by HG on April 10, 2007

howard-and-utley.jpgIn baseball teams such as the Cubs and Red Sox have been known as loveable losers. The Red Sox were able to snap their curse, but the Cubs are still praying and practicing witchcraft in hopes of capturing another World Series title.  Today it’s time to talk about another bunch of losers, the Philadelphia Phillies. This isn’t an attack on the current group of guys they have (I got love for Howard, Utley, Rollins, etc.) but unfortunately for this year’s team they’re gonna go down in history for something that they won’t want to be remembered for. According to the site the Phils are 38 games away from cracking the 10,000 loss mark. The Phillies already have the most losses in the history of professional sports, but they are about to enter some truly elite space. 10k losses. I’ll go ahead and state the obvious, that’s a lot of losses, and since baseball plays so many damn games the Phillies are putting this record away for good.. Unless they fold the team, and folding the team seems highly unlikely since they’ve been around for 124 years. It’s easy to see why Philly is at the top of this list when you look at this list of the worst baseball teams ever (through 2000) although the Forbes list is a little different. Either way, I’ll be somewhere with a bottle of something when the Phillies crack the 10,000 loss mark. Congrats Guys!!

Props to the homeboy Born Wisdom for shooting me the link.

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