Posted by HG on April 1, 2007

As an NBA and St. Louis Cardinals fan, Sunday was a pretty good day on paper. Heat/Pistons in the morning, Mavs/Suns in the afternoon, and Mets/Cardinals in the evening. The first game was pretty good… Detroit ending up winning 94-88. The second game was good for a half and then Phoenix blew Dallas out 126-104. Then the third game. Aahh the third game.  The  NY Mets and STL Cardinals. Glavine and Carpenter. Two good offenses. So what happened?

That’s exactly I what I want to know. Is this what the World Series hangover is gonna feel like? Do I need to prepare myself for a season filled with Pujols 0-fers and Carpenter getting roughed up? Probably not but it still sucked to get pumped up for the first game of the season and then watch the team that I root for get whooped. Unfortunately the Cards had a pregame World Series celebration, and they were facing Tom Glavine (5-3) on opening day. A ring ceremony or championship celebration before or at halftime of a game usually spells disaster for the honorees. Well, 161 more.

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