Posted by HG on April 1, 2007

In America we’ve learned to survive NBA players going into the stands to fight fans, college football players using helmets for weapons, and baseball fans attacking a first base coach. What we’re not ready for are unruly women’s volleyball fans.

Amateur videos of the violence, broadcast on Greek television, showed scores of people arriving at the scene on scooters before clashing with rival supporters, wielding bats and knives, and hurling petrol bombs and rocks. Police arrested 13 at the scene, seizing knives, flare guns, brass knuckles and other weapons, and three more were arrested later.

7 people were hospitalized with injuries, mostly from stab wounds. 16 people were arrested for the murder of 25 year old Michalis Filopoulos. There are few guarantees in life but I’ll guarantee you this: We will never have riots and murders due to a women’s sporting event in the United States. We have the people capable of starting riots and murdering people we’re just lacking people that care about women’s sports.

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