Posted by HG on January 7, 2007

From wonderboy to suicide watch in 3 hours..Wow.

Pretty much the last thing I was expecting at that point. Especially since I called Dallas 24 Seattle 20. sadromo1.jpgSeattle is pretty much who I thought they were and Dallas let em off the hook. Terrell Owens was so traumatized by the shocking turn of events that he couldn’t even bring himself to rip Romo, the coaching staff, or “The Snitch”. This game had a ton of ups and downs or plot twist or whatever you want to call it. I thought the ‘Boys had the game locked up on more than one occassion.

SEATTLE SEAHAWKS PLAYOFF FUTURE: If the Eagles win, Philly heads to New Orleans and Seattle’s headed to Chicago. If the Giants win then the G-men go to Chicago and Seattle plays the Saints.


One Response to “TONY OH NO!!”

  1. garrick said

    ROMO IS A FUCKING BUMB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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