Posted by HG on January 6, 2007

The Dallas Mavericks extended their winning streak to 13 with a win in San Antonio last night. Over the next 8 days the Mavs are @LAL, @Utah, home against Portland, @Indiana, and @Toronto. Dallas needs wins at LA and at Utah to tie Phoenix’s season high 15 game win streak. I’m saying the streak ends in Los Angeles. Kobe seems to have something extra for Dallas. He dropped 62 points in 3 quarters against them, and there’s always this.

Police arrest a parole violator who’s name came up in the Darrent Williams murder investigation. They’re not calling him a suspect at this time.

Jim Lampley says he innocent. The first of his 3 ex-wives agrees.

Giants linebacker Antonio Pierce predicts limiting the Eagles to 100 yards of offense.

Larry Brown has been named executive VP with the 76ers.

Brown will assist team president Billy King on basketball operations and other related projects.”

So lemme get this straight…A money hungry swindler Carolina guy is gonna help out a struggling overmatched Dukie? Yeah right. Billy start packing.

One Response to “FREE THROWS”

  1. C-Dubb said

    Great Take on the Larry Brown/Billy King thing, but I found an error in the post. I think you meant to say “A Fiscally Ambitious opportunistic Carolina guy”…But no worries, you got the Dukie part right on.

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