Posted by HG on January 5, 2007

Whoa.. Sorry y’all.. The New Year Celebration took a bigger toll on me than I thought. I missed out on Nick Saban making an ass out of himself, more Gilbert brilliance, and Jim Lampley bringing his work home. I’m gonna need a little time to catch up so until then, who’s in the mood for a week 12 handicapping flashback? I know I am.

Umm..What was I talking about again? Oh yeah.


Kansas City Chiefs +7 at Indianapolis Colts: Everybody and their mama are talking about how Larry Johnson is gonna smash through the Colts d. He might get his yards, but Indy’s problems are on the road not at home. If the Colts can get out to an early lead the Chiefs won’t be able to play catch up. Indianapolis 27 Kansas City 17

Dallas Cowboys +3 at Seattle Seahawks: Now things get a little more interesting. Will it be Parcells or Owens that leaves at the end of the season? Will it be either? Who cares? You can apply the “if things break right” logic to every team in the NFC playoffs except Seattle. I just can’t see the ‘Hawks manning up for another SB run, but I could see them beating Dallas. Unfortunately for the Seahawks I don’t. Dallas’ wide receivers will be going crazy against a depleted secondary, and the combo of Jones and Barber3 will help control the clock. Dallas 24 Seattle 20

New York Jets +8.5 at New England Patriots: Kill Bill Vol. 3. There’s no way the master is gonna let the pupil whoop him in his crib again. Is there? Nah. I can’t see it. The Jets are a great story but the run stops here. I know the J-E-T-S were 6-2 on the road (17-14 over New England in week 10), but superior talent and playoff experience are on the side of the Patriots. It might have taken a while , but Tom Brady has finally developed some chemistry with his receivers. Add a little Dillon and Maroney and you’ve got a long day for the NYJs. Uninteresting note, this game features a playoff low of two Pro Bowlers, Richard Seymour and Justin Miller.

New England 30 New York 21

New York Giants +7 at Philadelphia Eagles: The G-Men limp into the playoffs while the Eagles enter scorching hot. This could be the last game for Tiki Barber (retirement), Tom Coughlin (fired), and Eli Manning (murdered by angry mob). Jeff Garcia, Brian Westbrook, and the Philly O will look to keep up their hot streak against a banged up NY defense. Brian Dawkins and DC Jim Johnson will shut down Manning and Barber. A few side items, A) If Garcia leads Philadelphia to a title will Rush Limbaugh do a 30 second or full minute commercial stating “I told you so”? B) How many players other than Chris Snee will be playing to save Coughlin’s job? C) How many similarities can you count between the Jets/Pats matchup and the Giants/Eagles?

Philadelphia 23 New York 16


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